How to Appeal for Declined R370 Grant Application (Quick & Easy Steps)

SASSA R370 SRD Grant Appeal

I’m not going to waste your time because I know how frustrated you might have been since your R370 SRD grant application got declined and you want to fix it right away.

SASSA has an appeal for declined R370 grant process you can follow if you believe your application was rejected due to incorrect or outdated information.

Let’s dive right in.

How The Appeal For Declined R370 Grant Process Work

SASSA’s grant aims to help unemployed individuals with no means of income in the family.

If your R370 grant application is rejected, you have the right to appeal the declined decision and provide accurate recent, and corrected information for your application to be approved.

So before you begin the process of lodging an appeal, prepare the following:

  • Understand the Reason: Before appealing, understand why your application was declined. Below this section is a complete list of reasons and descriptions to why your application was declined.
  • Gather Supporting Documents: Make sure you have all necessary supporting documents that can help strengthen your appeal. These documents could include proof of unemployment, bank statements, or any other relevant documentation that supports your claim for the grant.
  • Formal Appeal Letter: Draft a formal appeal letter. In the letter:
    • Clearly state your name, ID number, and contact details.
    • Reference any unique identifiers or application numbers related to your original SRD grant application.
    • Clearly state that you are appealing the decision to decline your SRD grant.
    • Provide reasons for the appeal and refer to any supporting documents you’re including.
    • Request a reconsideration of your application based on the evidence provided.
  • Submission: Depending on the procedures outlined by SASSA at the time:
    • Submit your appeal letter and supporting documents to the designated SASSA office or platform specified for appeals.
    • This could be done in person, via email, or through any other method specified by SASSA.
  • Wait for a Response: After submitting your appeal, there will be a waiting period while SASSA reviews it. During this time, it’s crucial to keep any correspondence or proof of your appeal submission.
  • Check on Status: If you don’t receive a response within the expected timeframe, you can follow up with SASSA to inquire about the status of your appeal. Use any reference numbers provided during the appeal submission to make tracking easier.
  • Outcome: Once SASSA has reviewed your appeal, they will provide a decision. If your appeal is successful, you will be notified about the next steps to receive your SRD grant. If it’s unsuccessful, you will receive reasons for the decision.
  • Further Action: If your appeal is unsuccessful and you still believe the decision was unjust, you may seek further advice or legal assistance, but this is often a last resort.

The special unemployment grant appeal process allows for applications since April 2022. So if you haven’t received any payment since April, you can appeal and correct the misinformation picked up by the SASSA systems.

A Step-by-step R370 SRD Grant Appeal Process

Follow these simple and quick steps to begin the appeal process.

1. Access SRD Appeals Online

Visit the official SASSA SRD Appeals website at ““, read the instructions, and then, click on the green button written “click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status.

SASSA SRD Appeal Home Page

2. Log in to Your SRD Grant

On the next screen, enter your SA ID and registered mobile number to log in to your R370 SRD application by clicking the “Send Pin” button to begin authentication via OTP.

Enter the pin you have received on your cellphone via SMS to proceed.

Login to SRD Grant Application

3. Appeal for the Selected Month

Once authenticated and accessed your grant application on the appeals website, you’ll see all the months your R370 SRD application was declined.

Choose the month you’d like to appeal, preferably the latest month as you can only appeal applications in the last 3 months or between 30-90 days.

If you have multiple rejected in the past 3 months, then, you must lodge appeals for all the months. You must submit appeals for each of the rejected months separately.

4. Submit Reason for Appeal

As indicated above, you’ll need to provide reasons for the appeal and refer to any supporting documents you’ll be attaching for reference by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) reviewers.

You’ll be requesting a reconsideration of your application based on the evidence provided during this appeal process.

5. Upload Supporting Documents

Next, submit all the supporting documents, such as proof of unemployment, bank statements, or any other relevant information that might support your claim for the grant.

Draft a formal appeal letter or affidavit where you clearly state your name, ID Number, and contact details. Reference any unique identifiers or application numbers related to your original SRD grant application and clearly state that you’re appealing the decision to decline your SRD grant.

6. Send Your SRD Appeal

Review the information you’re about to submit, to correct the declined status of your grant application and once happy, proceed to submit your appeal.

After submitting your appeal, you’ll wait a bit while SASSA and the ITSAA review the submitted information and documents in your appeal.

During this time it’s crucial to keep any correspondence or proof of your appeal submission closer, in case they contact for you for more information.

How Long Does the Appeal Process Take?

After appealing for your R350 grant application, an Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals will investigate the appeal and ensure no information is missed by SASSA.

And you will get the outcome of the appeal within 60 to 90 days. If all went well and your application is approved, funds for previous months will be paid, upon which you qualified for those particular months.

Then, you’ll use alternative payment methods to collect or spend the money allocated to your account for the grant.

How to Check Appeal SASSA Status

Follow these steps to check your appeal status for the Sassa SRD grant:

Check Your Grant Appeal Status Online

Use our free status check tool or visit the SASSA appeals online portal to check your status.

sagiv status check...

Alternatively, use the following options available to check your appeal grant status.

  1. Call the Helpline: Contact the Sassa helpline at 080060 10 11 to speak to a consultant with more detailed information about your grant and appeal status. Be ready with your ID number and other relevant details.
  2. Visit a Local Sassa Office: You can visit your nearest Sassa office in person. Ensure you have all your documentation with you, including your ID and any reference numbers related to your appeal.
  3. Send an Email: Sassa might have a designated email address for queries. You can draft an email inquiring about the status of your appeal. Ensure you mention your reference number and personal details for easy tracking.

Always remember to:

  • Keep all correspondence and reference numbers handy.
  • Be patient, as appeal reviews can take time.
  • Regularly check the official Sassa website or contact their helpline for any updates or changes to the appeal process.

Reasons Your Application Was Declined

It’s possible that during your R350 application process, SASSA picked up that you no longer qualify for the benefits of the grant.

We have been receiving quite a number of requests from applicants trying to understand why they get the ‘Declined’ application status.

So let’s have a look at what each of them means.

  • Age Outside Range: You do not qualify for the SRD grant because of your age, the allowed age range is between 18 to 60 years.
  • Alternative Income Source Identified: The bank account used in the application reflects the applicant has an income of more than R595 per month.
  • Existing SASSA Grant: You’re already a beneficiary of a SASSA grant, possibly for your children?
  • Gov Payroll Registered: Your details in the application are listed as currently employed by a government department.
  • NSFAS Registered: Beneficiaries of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) do not qualify for the R350 SRD grant.
  • Referred Linked Risk Mobile: The mobile number used in the application has been blacklisted due to previous fraudulent applications.
  • referred_safps: You’re registered as a perpetrator of fraud by the South African Fraud Prevention Services.

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