How to Apply for SASSA Jobs & Vacancies

SASSA offers various in/out-of-office job opportunities and vacancies for qualifying candidates in South Africa. You can qualify for opportunities from internships up to the highest positions in the organization.

They have offices nationwide, offering services to the people in your area.

Without wasting your time, let’s dive right in.

How to Qualify for SASSA Vacancies

Qualifying for SASSA vacancies and job opportunities, you’ll be required to have but not limited to some great interpersonal and professional skills.

Personal skills and attributes:

  • Team player
  • Good communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Work under pressure
  • Creative and initiative

Professional skills:

The requirement for professional skills will depend on the advertised post, most will require a minimum of the following qualifications and skills:

  • Senior Certificate
  • Computer literacy
  • Relevant higher education qualification

SASSA Opportunities

Below are the most frequently advertised, but not limited to, opportunities at SASSA:

  • Internships and learnerships
  • Grant administrators
  • Office assistance

Steps to Apply for SASSA Jobs

The best and easiest way to apply for jobs is to visit your nearest SASSA office to get a list of open vacancies. While there, also ask for the Z83 form, which will be used for the application of any job advert you may consider.

Or visit the SASSA jobs and vacancies page to see a list of the latest opportunities. Unfortunately, this page isn’t always updated and doesn’t include all the local jobs for all their branches.

Check out this article on how to correctly complete the Z83 government job application form.


For any information about SASSA vacancies, please visit their website’s contact page to find all the information on how to get in touch with the agency.

Please also take note of other people on social media claiming to represent SASSA, offering you jobs that don’t exist. To avoid SASSA job scams, always contact them to confirm, or visit your local office for in-person engagement with consultants.

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