Troubleshoot & Fix the SRD OTP Issues – Step-by-Step Guide

We get a lot of questions from SASSA grant beneficiaries struggling to change or update their cellphone number due to SRD OTP issues.

Without verifying the OTP pin, you cannot access or make changes to your SRD grant application, so fixing this is a crucial step you must take today.

In this article, we’re going to attempt to assist you in troubleshooting and fixing your SRD OTP issues today.

What’s OTP & Why is it Important to SASSA?

“OTP” stands for “One-Time Password or Pin.” It’s a unique code that is valid for only one login session to access the SRD account information, on a computer system or other digital device.

So the SRD OTP code is super important to SASSA to verify the grant account holder before sharing any further information. It’s an essential component of modern cybersecurity strategies, offering a balance between strong security measures and user convenience.

Without this code, many SASSA SRD grants will be compromised and the privacy of personal information will be at risk.

Here’s a summary of why the OTP is much more important for performing online actions such as accessing or updating your SASSA profile.

Enhanced Security: OTPs provide an additional layer of security beyond just an ID number and cellphone number. Since they are valid for only a short period, they are less susceptible to theft or misuse.

Prevention of Replay Attacks: Since each OTP is unique and expires after its first use or after a short time, it can’t be used multiple times. This helps prevent replay attacks, where an attacker intercepts a password and tries to use it later.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): OTPs are often used as part of two-factor authentication, which requires two forms of identification before access is granted. This significantly reduces the chances of unauthorized access.

Convenience: OTPs are often sent to a user’s mobile device or email, making it convenient for users to access and use them without needing to remember complex passwords.

Reduction in Phishing Risk: Since OTPs are not reusable, the effectiveness of phishing attacks is reduced. Even if an attacker manages to phish an OTP, it’s unlikely to be valid by the time they attempt to use it.

How to Fix Your SRD OTP Issues

There are several steps you take to fix issues with the SASSA SRD OTP, here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve common problems:

Check Your Mobile Network: Ensure that your mobile device has a stable network connection. OTPs are sent via SMS, so a poor or unstable network can delay or prevent the receipt of the code.

Wait Patiently or Check Spam Folders: Possible delays in the delivery of the OTP due to network congestion or technical issues on SASSA’s end, wait for a few minutes before trying to resend again. The other possibility is that the SMS is being blocked by your phone app, you might want to check the settings on your phone.

Resend the OTP: If you’ve waited long enough and still haven’t received the OTP, try to resend the OTP. Do not resend the OTP more than 3 times as it’ll cause even further delays.

Restart Your Mobile Device: Restarting your mobile device could be the answer to resolving network-related issues and allow you to receive SMS messages in time.

Update Your Contact Details: This is the most common OTP issue, you’ve probably changed your cellphone number with no access to the old number. Incorrect contact information can prevent you from receiving the OTP, you must always update details on your grant application.

Alternatively, you’ll need to visit the SASSA branch in your area for biometric verification of the ownership of the grant, to update the application’s cellphone number.

Contact SASSA for Support

If the above steps don’t work, your next step would be to contact SASSA directly for support. They can provide specific guidance or resolve any technical issues from their end. Keep your identification and application details handy when you contact them.

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