Contact Numbers of SASSA In Your Area

Are you looking for the contact numbers of SASSA to inquire about their grants and other services?

Worry no more, we’ve put together this list of all contact numbers, including the head office toll-free number you can use to find out more detailed and accurate information.

You can use the toll-free number to get information on:

  • Pay-out dates.
  • Qualifying rules for all government grants.
  • District office addresses and contact numbers.
  • For help with what has happened to your application.
  • How you can also report any fraud or corruption.
  • Note: Toll-free calls will only apply to calls made via land lines” Placing a call with a cellular phone may lead to additional costs.

SASSA Head Office Contact Details

Phone Numbers012 400 2000, 012 400 2322
SASSA Toll-Free Number080 060 1011
Email[email protected]
WhatsApp082 046 8553

Regional\Provincial Contact Details

Gauteng011 241 8320[email protected]
Eastern Cape043 707 6300,
043 707 6472,
043 707 6335
[email protected]
Mpumalanga013 754 9446[email protected]
Limpopo015 291 7509[email protected]
Kwazulu-Natal033 846 3324[email protected]
North West018 388 4006[email protected]
Free State051 410 8339[email protected]
Northern Cape053 802 4919[email protected]
Western Cape021 469 0235[email protected]

SRD Appeals Contact Details

Social Media

SASSA has active social media accounts that can address general queries or provide updates.

Follow them to get communication with general updates and reminders of when grants will be paid.

Reporting grant fraud

We receive a lot of queries through our contact form, whereby people can’t access their grants or their IDs were used for grants they didn’t approve – fraud is a big challenge for SASSA.

However, it’s your responsibility to report any suspected fraudulent or corrupt activities relating to social grants. You can do so by phoning SASSA’s grants and fraud hotline on 0800 60 10 11.

As soon as you suspect anything wrong, call SASSA immediately on their toll-free hotline.

Local Branches

Alternatively, you need to visit the nearest SASSA branch in your area for further hands-on assistance.

Visiting a local SASSA office can be helpful, especially for specific issues or document submissions.

While the consults assist beneficiaries with a lot of service-related queries, patience with them is highly expected, in order to get helped.

Do SASSA Offices Open on Weekends?

Generally, government offices only open on weekdays, Monday to Friday, and do not open on weekends, but do SASSA offices operate on weekends?

Well, the answer is a yes and no because only the selected SASSA offices are open on weekends. It’s been reported the following SASSA branches operate on weekends:

  • Cape Town office
  • Krugersdorp office

They open the branches between 8am to 12:30pm.

Also, take note that SASSA is advancing and migrating most of its processes to digital

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