SASSA Resources & Useful Tips

How to Cancel SASSA SRD Grant Application in 2024

A step by step guide on how to Cancel SASSA SRD Grant and reinstate later on.

How to Fix the ‘Identity Verification Failed’ SRD Grant Status

Important steps to take to fix the "Identity Verification Failed" SRD grant status.

Understanding SASSA Grant Types And How Much Each Pays

A list of the SASSA grant types and how they're designed to help different people in South Africa.

How to Apply for SASSA Jobs & Vacancies

How to find, qualify and apply for SASSA vacancies and job opportunities to work at one of their local offices your the area.

Switching from SASSA Gold Card to Other Banks – Offline Guide

The process to take for changing from SASSA Gold Card to other banks offiline.

SRD Status Approved But No Pay Date – Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix the Issues

Are you wondering why you haven't received payments yet you got the SRD status approved?

SASSA R350 SRD Application in 3 Simple Steps

The SRD application can be done through various methods, including online, WhatsApp and USSD.

Contact Numbers of SASSA In Your Area

A list of all contact number of SASSA to address your urgent challenges with grants.

Switch SASSA Payments to Shoprite Money Market – Seamless Grant Management

Say goodbye to the hassles of expired cards and long queues and switch SASSA payments to Shoprite Money Market.

SRD Banking Details Update for R350 Grant Payments in 2024

This guide as it aims to streamline the process of changing SRD banking details, making it efficient and user-friendly for all SASSA beneficiaries.

SASSA Grant Advance With TymeBank – Access Your Money Today!

Access part of your grant money with TymeBank Grant Advance today, before the payment date.

Number Changed Without My Knowledge – What You Should Do to Resolve the Matter

Steps to take to resolve the unauthorized SRD grant application cellphone number change.

Troubleshoot & Fix the SRD OTP Issues – Step-by-Step Guide

Step by step guide to troubleshooting and fixing your SRD OTP issues.

SASSA SRD Status Check for R350 Grant Payments in 2024

Use our integrated SRD Status Check form for R350 grant payment dates in 2024.

Understanding SASSA Loans: A Guide for Beneficiaries

SASSA does not offer any type of loan, their primary focus is to provide financial support to you, the beneficiaries.
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