How to Change Old SRD Cellphone Number for Your SASSA Grant Comms & OTP

We receive a lot of queries, people asking about how they can change their old SRD cellphone number to the new one, probably after they changed or lost their sim cards.

Having the correct contact information in the SASSA systems can help you keep up to date with the agency’s latest news and everything happening around the SRD grant.

Anyone can lose their phone, whereby they cannot recover the previous number for various reasons which makes it even harder to change the cellphone number on their grant application.

So today, I want to show you how you change your SASSA SRD grant cellphone number online and offline.

Without wasting your time, let’s jump right in.

What You’ll Need

To complete the change of cellphone number on your SRD grant application, you’ll need the following:

  1. SA ID Number: The identification number used on your grant application.
  2. Application ID: Your SRD grant application ID that’s shared with you on your initial application for future reference.
  3. Cellphone number (optional): If you still have access to the old number, you can use the number to access your application details, to update to the new cellphone number.

Step-by-step Guide to Change SRD Cellphone Number Online

Your first step would be to

Get Your Application Number

When you visit the SRD grant website to change contact information, they require your ID number and Application ID but where would you get it?

Enter your details below to check the status of your application, and to access grant information which will then retrieve the required application ID and other information you may need, including payment dates.

sagiv status check...

Copy that application ID to Notepad on your computer or mobile device to continue to the next step.

Update With The New Cellphone Number

Follow these simple steps to change the SRD phone number for your grant:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your ID Number and Application ID for verification
  3. Enter the new phone number on the next screen and confirm the reason for the change.
  4. Verify with the OTP sent to your new phone number.
  5. After submitting, your contact information should be updated.

Once this process is done, you’ll continue to get relevant communications from SASSA about any latest SRD grant news and updates.

It’s important to ensure your details captured for the SRD application are up to date, to ensure continued communications from SASSA.

How to Change SRD CellPhone Without Application ID Offline

Alternatively, as a last option, you may consider visiting any of the SASSA offices in your area for further assistance in updating your new phone number or email address.

Explain to the personnel at the SASSA offices about your situation, clearly explaining the reason for the change, and you’ll be given personal details update forms to complete for your SRD application.

You must bring along your ID book or certified copies to the offices for verification purposes and your new cellphone number.

The update won’t happen same time, once your change application form is submitted, SASSA will begin the process of updating, which might take about 5 days or so to complete.

In the meantime, you must continuously keep checking your updated details online, to see if the new cellphone number reflects so that you can follow up if the process is taking longer.

Report Stolen SRD Grant

Reports indicate many beneficiaries don’t have access to their grant, either the account has been stolen or hijacked by fraudsters.

You’re advised to report this immediately to SASSA SRD, should you struggle to access your grant, or have your grant be made by someone else.

Follow these simple steps to report:

  1. Visit to report a stolen cellphone number for grant application
  2. Enter your ID Number to confirm that your cell phone number used for SASSA SRD R350 grant application was changed without your permission.
  3. Next, confirm your choice with Yes or No.
  4. If you agree, you will receive a notification stating ‘Successfully submitted unauthorized cell phone number change report to SASSA.’
  5. Next, the process to update your cellphone number will begin.

For any other queries or questions about the SRD grant, please contact SASSA directly or visit any of their local offices near you.

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