SASSA Latest News

SASSA Introduces Biometric Verification to Fight Fraud

How SASSA's biometric verification process is going to curb and fight grants fraud.

More People Will Seek SASSA R370 SRD Grant Amid High Unemployment Rates

SASSA R370 SRD Grant is under pressure and on high demand since the announcement of increased unemployment rates.

SRD Grant Increased for April 2024 Payments

SASSA SRD Grant Increase in April 2024, it'll now pay R370 going forward.

Why SASSA Beneficiaries Are Moving To Private Banking

More and more SASSA beneficiaries have been moving to private banking to collect their grant funds.

5 Most Common SASSA SRD Scams to Avoid in South Africa

The most common SASSA SRD scams to avoid and report to SASSA right away.

SRD Grant January 2024 Payment Delays: SASSA Explains The Reasons Why

SASSA explains reasons why the R350 SRD payments were delayed in January 2024.

SRD Grant Extended Until March 2025

Good News! The SRD grant has been extended to March 2025. It was initially set to end in March 2024 however Treasury has considered the extension of the SRD grant to continue supporting those unemployed, in dire need in South Africa. While delivering the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) to Parliament on Wednesday 1 ... Read more

System Glitches with the SASSA September 2023 Payments

People couldn't access their grant money for September from ATMs and retailers due to this system glitch.

Is it TRUE that the SRD R350 Grant Will Increase to R700?

Unfortunately, this was only circulating on social media and never officially issued by SASSA and must be considered fake news.

July 2024 SRD Grant Payment Dates Reminder

SASSA announced that payments for approved SRD applications will be paid between the 22-31 July 2024.

Social Grant Set For Another Increase in October 2023

We're now approaching October very fast and SASSA social grant beneficiaries will enjoy another increase.

SASSA Confirms Over 5 million R350 Grant Application Approvals

Finally some good news for the 63% of unemployed youth who benefit from the R350 special grant in South Africa.

How to Avoid SASSA R350 SRD Grant delayed

Grant applicants are advised to ensure they enter their correct banking details when applying for the SRD grant.

No need to Reapply for SASSA SRD Grant

Applications will be reconsidered every month, for eligibility and to ensure you still qualify or need to benefit from the unemployment grant.

2023 SASSA Social Grant Increases

All the social grant has been increased by approximately 5% to offer more relief for many South Africans that benefit from the grant.