Young Entrepreneurs Who Turned R350 Grant Into Real Businesses

Yesterday, we published an article with business ideas you can start with the R350 as an alternative to grow your income and pretty much become less dependent on the SRD grant.

As proof of concept, this is possible, we then found entrepreneurs who started businesses with the R350 SRD grant and want to share them with you today.

Obviously, circumstances are different, while they managed to save a portion of their R350 SRD grant, you might not and should consider other ideas that don’t require any capital because you already have the tools to get going.

Let’s dive right in.

Top Success Stories

Mbali Sikhosana

Mbali started her thriving Pie business in Umlazi, KZN using the R350 SRD grant money. Although her business offers more than just Pies, she caters for events with platters and more services.

Mbali Sikhosana

She was inspired by the idea of financial freedom and saw the opportunity to use the funds to start a business, even though she needed the money to live by.

“I started the business because I needed financial freedom and freedom of time. I knew I couldn’t work for someone. I have always wanted to be my own boss and create job opportunities,” she said.

Business name: Nuz Tasty Pies

Thando Makhubu

Soweto Creamery

Thando saved his R350 grant for a couple of months, started a gourmet ice cream business in Soweto, and was later recognized by the president during the State of the Nation address in 2022.

He started the business as an experiment and market research but only to grow the business to be one of the most recognized in the area.

You’ll never know where your luck will come from, it’s best to get started with the little you have.

Business name: Soweto Creamery

Maquo­alesa Lekheakhoa Qwali

Lady Q Designs

A lady from the Free State also used the R350 SRD grant to start a furniture-making business.

She obviously had the skills and possibly the audience on social media to show the new adventure – this is one of the top success stories where young entrepreneurs used the grant to start businesses and create employment for others.

She turns old tyres into fancy furniture. It only took a couple of the R350 grant money to purchase old tyres and jumped into the business after doing some research on YouTube.

You can also start a business within your skillset and try your luck in business.

Business name: Lady Q Designs


The reality is that you cannot live by with R350, so instead of relying on it, I know you might need it the most but try to allocate some of it to starting a business that can generate more income for your family.

Please share anyone’s success story so we can add to this list, we’ll keep on looking for more to inspire you to start own businesses.

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