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Latest Insights & Tips

SRD Grant Extended Until March 2025

Good News! The SRD grant has been extended to March 2025. It was initially set to end of March 2024 however Treasury has considered the extension of the SRD grant to continue supporting those unemployed in South Africa. While delivering the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) to Parliament on Wednesday 1 Nov 2023, Minister …
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Understanding SASSA Loans: A Guide for Beneficiaries

SASSA does not offer any type of loan, their primary focus is to provide financial support to you, the beneficiaries.
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How to Find SASSA Reference Number for Quick Assistance

There are multiple ways you can get your SASSA reference number, in case you’ve lost it.
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How to Spend the SASSA Grant Money

Spending the SASSA grant money wisely is essential for beneficiaries to meet their basic needs and achieve a measure of financial stability.
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How to Report SASSA Fraud for Common Scams

Some of the common SASSA grant scams in South Africa and how to report the fraud.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A resource to answer all the SRD frequently asked questions that comes through from our readers.
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System Glitches with the SASSA September 2023 Payments

People couldn’t access their grant money for September from ATMs and retailers due to this system glitch.
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How to Change SRD Grant Application Cellphone Number for Comms & OTP

Follow these simple steps to change the SRD Grant cellphone number for comms and OTP.
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All SRD Statuses Explained

A complete list of the most common SRD refusal statuses described to help you understand what to do next.
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