System Glitches with the SASSA September 2023 Payments

Millions of SASSA beneficiaries across the country had been frustrated by the Post Bank system glitches that prevented them from collecting their funds in time for September payments.

People couldn’t access their grant money for September from ATMs and retailers due to this system glitch. They could only access cash at the Post office branch, since its systems there were not affected.

The DA has raised this concern with SASSA, especially when it affected the old-people grants and pensioners which they depend on for survival.

“We call on the Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, to ensure that the problem is immediately fixed to ensure that already vulnerable individuals aren’t plunged deeper into crisis.”

Post Bank stated its apology, promising the issue would be resolved the soonest without indicating a specific time.

“Postbank deeply understands the inconvenience and challenges that this technical issue poses to our valued Sassa Grant customers. We apologize unreservedly to all our customers,” the statement further reads.”

But it’s not the first time Post Bank has had system glitches, yet SASSA still trusts to deliver the funds to beneficiaries in time. They had another system glitch not so long ago, in November 2022 where people couldn’t access their grant money.

You can imagine when you have children and not working, solely relying on the grant, what would you do now if you cannot access the funds or if the Post Office branch is far from where you stay?

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