All SRD Statuses Explained in Details You’ll Understand

All SRD Grant Application Status Explained

We get a lot of inquiries from the readers of this website asking us to help them understand what their current R350 SRD status means.

So we decided to curate all of them into this resource to help you understand what each of the statuses means for your application. This will also assist you with understanding what’s expected from you to resolve or appeal the status of your SRD application.

Without wasting your time, here’s a complete list of the most common SRD refusal statuses described below:

Awaiting Reapplication

After you’ve applied for the R350 SRD Grant, you’ll get various statuses that are discussed in this guide, based on the submitted application information.

If you’re getting the “Awaiting Reapplication” message when checking your SRD status, then you must know this means that you need to reapply for the SRD Covid-19 Grant.

Even though existing beneficiaries don’t need to reapply for the grant, it’s important to always check your application status monthly, to ensure the information is still relevant to the grant.


When you receive the ‘Referred‘ R350 status, it’s simply because SASSA has randomly selected your application for further verification.

It may be because your ID number was previously involved or used in fraudulent activities, so this status was newly introduced after SASSA conducted an audit for fraud, based on several complaints from beneficiaries.

You’re likely to recover from this status if your status of living hasn’t changed and you still qualify for an unemployment grant under the new rules.

Approved But Not Paid

Applicants of the unemployment or SRD grant get the approval status but no payment date, nor disbursement of the funds.

This often means SASSA has discovered new information about your profile and has considered performing further eligibility checks on your application.

One of the main reasons you’re getting this status is that you’ve received some kind of consistent income in your bank account that’s higher than the required threshold.

Alternative Income Source Identified

With this status, SASSA has picked up you’re getting alternative income consistently into your bank account.

SRD Grant beneficiaries often get confused about this status because their employment status to get income hasn’t changed, then how is SASSA identifying an alternative income?

Remember there’s a maximum threshold requirement to qualify for the unemployment grant, and just as an example, you may be receiving payments for the family’s Dstv account into your account.

Any consistent amount coming into the bank account used in the grant application will be considered an alternative income.

Identity Verification Failed

While processing your SRD grant application, SASSA found mismatching information from what you have submitted against what they discovered at Home Affairs.

Any spelling errors or inconsistencies with the information you’ve provided will result in the identity verification failed application status.

Ensure the information you enter during your SRD application matches your details at Home Affairs.

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